“This Could Be Us, But You Playing”

The title of this post represents a meme that caught social media by storm during the earlier part of the year. It is also the foundation of a very catchy song that I am going to post about today!

Doug Locke’s “This Could Be Us” is good for a few reasons. It has that Indie/Pop sound that just screams summer. Even though the summer is ending, this song would make someone feel that summer is just beginning; at least it makes me feel that way. In the video, they are in California and at the beach having a good time; so that also makes it feel like a summer song lol. If this song were released a few months earlier, this song may have been on the radio by now. It remains pretty low key and underground for now. However, when I first listened to the song this morning on YouTube, there were only about 5,000 views. Now, it is nearing 100,000 very quickly!

I can see where the popularity is coming from. The Huffington Post and other media avenues have written articles about the song and the video that corresponds with “This Could Be Us.” I first came across the song via the Huffington Post article that I saw on my Facebook News Feed. The song is about super catchy and happy, even though it’s about love that isn’t realized. I really like the song, but I think the video speaks volumes! In the video, the same couple is portrayed as young people and as older men 45 years later. First of all, I think it’s great that they are shown as an interracial gay couple and are shown in a positive light. They had a fling in the past and the black man could not let go of what could have been. Watch the video to see how it all plays out! It will definitely capture your attention.

“This Could Be Us” is a catchy song with a video that could have broken ground in mainstream society. I have been watching the video over and over again and I admittedly do sit there wishing it could work out between them…but one of them is playing! And I feel that we all have been there at some point in our life; where there was one person that we wonder what could have been if the relationship had escalated to a level it could have gotten to. It’s a nice song! Check it out!




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